03 August 2005 ~ Comments Off

Interactive Free-Space Display For Computers/DVDs/Etc.

“That’s right this company made a display that use’s thin air as a background and is interactive with your finger or hand. Watch the video. This is unreal and these guys are going to be millionaires if they aren’t already.”

This is amazing! I want to know how this thing is displaying images in mid air. The only downside to technologies like this are the way big companies will abuse it. If this thing gets popular I’ll bet it will show up in the bathroom of some popular bar or mall displaying ads non stop. Digg post

30 July 2005 ~ Comments Off

Selling my iPaq

After a couple years of good service its time for me to sell my iPaq 3765. I collected a bunch of add-ons over the years so this will be a package deal.

I might get another PDA someday but nothing like this. Probably a smart phone like the Treo 650. Its kinda big for a cell phone but when you consider all the added PDA features it more then makes up for it. The data service cost for my cell phone is sick though. Probably the biggest reason why I don’t have a Treo yet.

I took the pics and video using my Canon SD400. No it’s not for sale. I was pretty surprised at pics I took. Awhile back I remember talking to a photographer who told me about some high end expensive digicam that takes great product shots. I know my ultraslim SD400 isn’t professional equipment but it does a pretty good job for much less. But then again if I’m selling diamonds or something I’d rather use a much better camera too.

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30 June 2005 ~ Comments Off

View HTTP headers in IE & Firefox

As a web developer I need to view HTTP headers between the client and server when I’m testing my web applications. There are a couple tools you can use to view HTTP headers as you surf. I use LiveHTTPHeaders for Firefox. For IE I used Fiddler. Fiddler is a cool tool that has breakpoints and some other debuggin features but sometimes I just want to view the plain HTTP header text.

I now have an IE plugin to view plain HTTP headers as I surf. This article in Digital Web Magazine hooked me up with the plugin. It also explains the basics of HTTP for all you newbies.