11 June 2008 ~ Comments Off

Xacti 1000HD… my new gadget!

I just got this for all the video I plan on taking (getting married and got twins on the way).

I’m not a big fan of huge complex electronics so this Sanyo Xacti is the perfect size. The Sony HDR-TG1 is smaller but cost about $300 bucks more. The Xacti also has more options like adding external flash or mic. The lens on the Sanyo are bigger so more light is captured. I’m sure this helps out big time in darker places.

Takes about 3hrs to charge so I’ll post more later on the performance. Here are some test videos I found online:

Check out the reviews on Amazon & Steve’s Digicams.

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24 April 2008 ~ 1 Comment

My First Political Donation!

Obama Donation

I’m finally inspired enough to take part in the political process here in the US. Sure I’ve voted before and had many political discussions but never had a strong positive feeling about any politician until now.

06 March 2008 ~ Comments Off

InfoQ Interview about Silverlight

I didn’t realize so many people I know visit the InfoQ website. I was interviewed while out in San Francisco for the QCon conference. For those of you who are about to email me or call… yes… thats me. For anyone else who did not see the interview or have no idea what I’m talking about… Here’s it is

The interview took place in the same hotel as the conference. I look like I really need to sleep or something. It was a long day.

Anyway… if you want to check out the latest MLB.com media player then go to www.mlb.com and click on any link under the “Programming” tab.

04 February 2008 ~ Comments Off

Giants Super Bowl XLII Champs!!!

The Giants beat the overconfident, overhyped Bostonians! No more hype. No more dynasty.

28 October 2007 ~ Comments Off

How will OLEDs affect my life?

Organic Light Emitting Diodes seem to be the next big thing in the fast moving flat screen display industry. My mind goes crazy just thinking about all the possibilities and how it can change my daily life in the future. This technology will take the world by storm and I’m not just talking TVs.
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31 August 2006 ~ Comments Off

Switching to OS X

I’m about ready to toss my Windows pc out the window and drop my old ass fridge on it. It randomly reboots for no apparent reason. I can’t take it anymore… I’m done. Good bye Windows! We went through a lot but I got a new OS in my life.
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09 November 2005 ~ Comments Off

Aardvark’d: 12 Weeks With Geeks – a documentary

Now here’s a documentary that might be worth buying (or renting). This film is about four interns working on a software project for 12 weeks. The movie isn’t out yet but you can pre-order the dvd.

I’ve seen many of the dot.com documentaries out there but none of them really showed much about the programmers involved. All seemed to focus on the business side of things. I still found them interesting and funny but I was always curious about the technology and coding side to startups. Seems like I found just that on Joel Spolsky’s blog. It just might be worth the twenty bucks…or not.