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11 June 2008 ~ Comments Off

Xacti 1000HD… my new gadget!

I just got this for all the video I plan on taking (getting married and got twins on the way). I’m not a big fan of huge complex electronics so this Sanyo Xacti is the perfect size. The Sony HDR-TG1 is smaller but cost about $300 bucks more. The Xacti also has more options like [...]

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03 August 2005 ~ Comments Off

Interactive Free-Space Display For Computers/DVDs/Etc.

“That’s right this company made a display that use’s thin air as a background and is interactive with your finger or hand. Watch the video. This is unreal and these guys are going to be millionaires if they aren’t already.” This is amazing! I want to know how this thing is displaying images in mid [...]

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30 July 2005 ~ Comments Off

Selling my iPaq

After a couple years of good service its time for me to sell my iPaq 3765. I collected a bunch of add-ons over the years so this will be a package deal. I might get another PDA someday but nothing like this. Probably a smart phone like the Treo 650. Its kinda big for a [...]

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