About Me

What’s Up! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little piece of the internet. I’m Henry aka nuffGigs, a Father/Husband/UI Engineer living in Jersey. This blog is a little something I created (or better yet re-launched) to sort of log my efforts in designing an ideal lifestyle for me and my family.

What’s my story?
Well, I was born in Brooklyn… moved out to Jersey during high school. I grew up living two lives. On one end I was a Haitian-American kid just trying to get by in a rough neighborhood and on the other I was a computer geek trying to hack my Tandy 1000 or any other electronic device I got a hold of. I was pretty good in both roles. Never been shot, stabbed or locked up and I managed to move on to become a professional programmer. Not bad huh?

Fast-forward to ’06, I proposed to my long time girlfriend on New Years. We got married in April (real small wedding). We then had a bigger formal wedding the year after in June. A couple months before that wedding my wife found out she was pregnant. During what was suppose to be my first time seeing my child via ultrasound we learned we were having twins!! The ultrasound technician was like “Here’s the heartbeat… and there’s the other one”.

It was a tough pregnancy but my wife pulled through it all and now we have two amazing twin girls.

About nuffGigs.com
I started this website back in 2003 as a place for me to test code. The name came from the idea that I would have lots of code running… gigs… nuff gigs (pretty dumb right?). Anyway, later on it became my tech blog. This year (2010) I decided to move all my tech stuff over to my other blog (JavaScriptr.com) and use this for a more personal topic. That’s right… personal. Let me explain…

The last couple years have added huge amounts of stress to my life. There were some great happy moments (Wife, Kids, Obama, etc..) but then there’s all the crazy shit that’s been happening. My wife was laid off last year. I work 2hrs away from home so being a Father & Husband has taken a back seat to my job. Childcare has been a big issue since we’re pretty much on our own out here (luckily my in-laws live close by and help when they can). All the goals and dreams I’ve had seem so far from reality. It can get pretty depressing.

So this blog will be a place for me to share and discuss my efforts to build a better lifestyle. A lifestyle were we don’t sacrifice our dreams and goals. Ever read that book called “The 4-Hour Work Week“? In it the author talks about how you should design your lifestyle to fit the goals you have in life. If your also working on designing a better lifestyle then jump in and join the discussion. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and of course here on nuffGigs dot com.