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Growing organic food year-round in my condo (part 2)

My Aerogarden SetupThis post was stuck in draft status for over three weeks now. I wanted to take some detailed pics of my setup and progress. Finally got around to it so here’s the latest on my organic garden.

In the last post I spoke about the first phase which was all about the Aerogarden. I planted two cherry tomato pods on Feb 16th. The first picture you see here is my first garden station. A small Ikea table between my old sofa and storage unit. I picked a spot that I can get blocked off if needed. Had to keep in mind the light this thing generates. It can get annoying if your watching a late movie or catching a quick nap. I kept everything away from our main living space. The cherry tomato setting will keep the lights on for 17hours a day so I have them set to turn on at 2am and back off at 7pm. This works out well since I’m usually out of the loft by 2am and the natural light in the house ends right before 7pm.

Two Cherry Tomato Pods under bright Aerogarden lightOnce I figured out the light timing and had the pods in place I added water and the correct nutrients then plugged it in. The lights came on right away and the pump started doing its thing. That was it… everything was all setup. I left the lights on til it was 7pm. Now all I had to do was let it run for a couple weeks before I would see anything interesting. The one thing I did notice right away when planting the second tomato pod was how dry and funky it looked. I didn’t think anything of it since it soaked up the water and looked just like the first one after a couple minutes of operation.

water getting pumped to each pod Close up of empty pod under the hood Clear water in garden reservoir

First pod spouts three plantsAfter about a week the first tomato pod started to spout. The second pod showed no signs of life. I figured something was wrong with it. I removed the dome from the first plant as instructed in the guide that came with the garden. There were about three plant stems. One looked pretty small and frail. The other two started their battle for space. I would have to choose who dies (que dramatic music). I’ll wait awhile to see which one grows stronger before I snip away.

I’ll post more info next month with more pics.

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