01 January 2010 ~ Comments Off

Hello world!

Welcome to the newly themed site! This blog has been ignored and pushed to the side way too long so I figured it was time for a fresh start. I filtered out some old content… I doubt anyone will notice or care since I only got about 15 uniques a day (split between a 1st gen iPod Nano image & my post on http debugging).

Why now?
It’s 2010, not only a new decade but also a key point in my life. So much has changed in my life I figured it was time for me to catch up. Just a couple years ago feels like a decade.

What now?
Well… the purpose for this blog has changed. Before I was focused on sharing my thoughts on tech stuff and every now and then some personal things. That didn’t really do much for me so I never had the motivation to keep up with the blog. Now I’ll focus more on my journey in life, my goals and how I achieve them. I figure this would be way more interesting not just for me but also for anyone who stumbles onto my little piece of the internet.

So basically this blog will track and share my efforts in lifestyle design (got the idea from Tim Ferris). I hope you gain something from my future posts.


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