31 December 2009 ~ Comments Off

Happy New Year… I’m back!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on this site. The last post was about our new President back in 2008. A whole lot has happened since then. Let me run through all the changes in my life….

First off 2008 was a crazy busy year for me. I got married back in 2007 but we had our formal wedding in June 2008. About four months before my wedding my wife told me she was pregnant. A month later we learn that we were having twins (found out during first ultrasound). Couple months after our wedding my wife had to go on bed rest which made things pretty difficult both at home & at work. All this while going through the most historical election of our time.

My amazing twin girls were born on Nov 7th after the elections which pretty much explains why I couldn’t really focus on this blog. 2009 proved to be a very challenging year for us. Between child care, work schedules, my wife getting laid off and just trying to be good parents we really didn’t have time for much else.

Now here I am on the last day of 2009. My second new year as a father of twins and my third as a husband. Its hard to even remember how my life was before 2008. I’m looking forward to 2010. I’ll post more on this blog not only to share my thoughts and my life but to also have a log for me to reflect on later.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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