28 October 2007 ~ Comments Off

How will OLEDs affect my life?

Organic Light Emitting Diodes seem to be the next big thing in the fast moving flat screen display industry. My mind goes crazy just thinking about all the possibilities and how it can change my daily life in the future. This technology will take the world by storm and I’m not just talking TVs.

Imagine if your bathroom mirror was a computer screen. How about a removable stick-on screen you can put anywhere. Slap it on the kitchen fridge or your office desk. What if we had special windows with this stuff built in? On a rainy day you can switch to sunshine or nice city view if you live in a tight NYC apartment facing a brick wall.

Now this will blow your mind… how about OLED contact lens?? Add a multi-directional treadmill and your half way to having a holadeck! A freaking holadeck dawg. Imagine that!

Check out some videos on OLEDs and let your thoughts run wild:


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