31 August 2006 ~ Comments Off

Switching to OS X

I’m about ready to toss my Windows pc out the window and drop my old ass fridge on it. It randomly reboots for no apparent reason. I can’t take it anymore… I’m done. Good bye Windows! We went through a lot but I got a new OS in my life.

I bought a MacBook not too long ago to replace my old ThinkPad. Thought it would be a nice intro to the Mac world. Now I find myself using it more then my WinXP desktop. I didn’t think I could switch to OS X so quick. Most of the IT guys at my job made the switch but they don’t depend on applications that are hard to find on unix based platforms. Applications like Eclipse and Java are readily available for back-end developers. The network guys are right at home with OS X. It seemed like most of the applications I needed for front-end web development would be hard to get. Problem was I never took the time to look.

Most of the applications I found are much different from what I’m use to but I’m up for the challenge. With some help from friends and random recommendations found on the web I now have all the apps I need to get me going. Here’s a list for any other web developers making the switch:

  • Disk Order (File Manager/FTP Client replacing Windows Commander)
  • Adium (Instant Messenger replacing Trillian)
  • iTerm (Terminal replacement)
  • Desktop Manager (Manage multiple desktops)
  • Firefox (Browser)
  • Gimpshop (Image Editor for temp use until I can get Photoshop)
  • TextMate (Code Editor replacing HomeSite)
  • BootCamp (For cross platform testing)
  • StuffIt Expander (Expand compressed files.. replacing WinZip)
  • SketchUp (3d Modeling App… not really for work)
  • CVS
  • iLife (Media Applications that come with MacBook


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