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Growing organic food year-round in my condo (part 2)

My Aerogarden SetupThis post was stuck in draft status for over three weeks now. I wanted to take some detailed pics of my setup and progress. Finally got around to it so here’s the latest on my organic garden.

In the last post I spoke about the first phase which was all about the Aerogarden. I planted two cherry tomato pods on Feb 16th. The first picture you see here is my first garden station. A small Ikea table between my old sofa and storage unit. I picked a spot that I can get blocked off if needed. Had to keep in mind the light this thing generates. It can get annoying if your watching a late movie or catching a quick nap. I kept everything away from our main living space. The cherry tomato setting will keep the lights on for 17hours a day so I have them set to turn on at 2am and back off at 7pm. This works out well since I’m usually out of the loft by 2am and the natural light in the house ends right before 7pm. Read more…

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Home office redesign (before)

My desk in open corner of my loft/officeI’m working from home a lot these days so I figured its time to move things around and redesign my home office. Right before my twins were born I moved my office upstairs to the loft. I didn’t really think to much of the setup… my concern was converting the old office into a nursery for my girls. The most thought I put into it was the positioning of my desk.

After a while I started moving more things to the loft like my old sofa, some Ikea storage units and my DJ set. Having those things in the loft/office gave me some ideas on what I wanted to do with the space. Now I have bigger plans for the loft. My vision is to basically convert it to the ideal work get away. My ideal programming environment. Even though it’ll be devoted to work I don’t want it to resemble the usual corporate office. Traditional corporate offices really suck for programmers. My day job would never ever create an ideal environment for programmers so my home office will be my Google or better yet my FogCreek get away. Read more…

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Growing organic food year-round in my condo

Tomatoes hanging overhead (by sylvar from flickr)Is that possible? I know there are people out there who grow their own food but don’t you need a backyard, large balcony or some decent deck space? I’m in the northeast… how can I possible grow my own organic food with the crazy weather we have.

Well I decided to find out if its possible after watching a number of documentaries about the crapy food we’re all so use to eating these days. I started by researching how to grow my own produce from my condo year round. Not only is it possible, there are some real easy ways to get started without digging up soil or worrying about green thumbs.
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Ayiti… L’union fait la force

It’s been about a month since I posted anything. I’m assuming that everyone by now has already heard about the tragic earthquake in Haiti (Ayiti).

First off please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and support a charity of your choice that you know can best help the people affected. I personally recommend Yele Haiti.
Text ‘Yele‘ to 501501 to donate $5 or Text ‘Haiti‘ to 501501 to donate $10.

I’m a first-generation Haitian American who has never been to Haiti. Sadly my family (me, my parents and siblings) were never able to find the time or resources to make the trip while it was safe to go. But with such a big Haitian-born family I got to know my heritage very well. I say all this to point out that I know a lot about whats great about the country and the people. Haiti is so much more then what is shown by the media even now.
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Hello world!

Welcome to the newly themed site! This blog has been ignored and pushed to the side way too long so I figured it was time for a fresh start. I filtered out some old content… I doubt anyone will notice or care since I only got about 15 uniques a day (split between a 1st gen iPod Nano image & my post on http debugging).
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Happy New Year… I’m back!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on this site. The last post was about our new President back in 2008. A whole lot has happened since then. Let me run through all the changes in my life….
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“Change has come to America”

Yes We Did!!